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This page is for comments and reflections on Holy Week and Easter

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  1. David Jones

    Robert and Tina dropped some daffodils on our doorstep in a jam jar of water a couple of days ago. This morning I was looking at them. They have opened out and look beautiful.
    We were listening to a Christian broadcast on 3CR and the woman was speaking of how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, no finery, no shining armour, not dressed in fine clothes. Promising everything for those who understand what he stood for. Love, forgiveness and hope.
    The daffodils seemed to illustrate this. A symbol of the coming of spring and all we hope for, not in a fine pot costing lots of money just a jam jar with water in.
    A simple illustration of beautiful creation and simplicity. Nothing we create can improve the look of those flowers.
    Perhaps 2020 has come to show us that what we worship should be simple and real. Not massively paid stars or footballers but a nurse, a man driving a truck of toilet paper, a single person obeying the isolation rules no matter how lonely or cooped up they feel.
    As a Christian we hope the world wakes up and realises what an opportunity this is. I hope and pray we learn from what we are being shown.

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