Easter Sunday

  • For the Archbishop of Canterbury’s service click here.
  • For service from St. Albans Abbey click here.
  • For our own service see below

Easter Service

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Easter flowers

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Easter Sunday sunrise Harlington around 6 a.m.

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Easter hymns

3 Replies to “Easter Sunday”

  1. Marcel Everett

    Thank you very much for this celebration of the risen Christ,& bringing it into my living room!
    May the risen Christ bless you &, keep you both,&those whom you love this Easter Day & always.


  2. Margaret Wade

    Thank you to all involved in the service for Easter Day. It was uplifting and inspirational.

  3. A back kitchen worshipper

    The Easter Day service was a powerful skewing of priorities away from our bubble of false comfort and security towards the gritty hope and faith and transformation of the Easter Day story. Well done to all involved for the quiet and thoughtful service, the music, the song words and the Bible readings on the screen for us, the images of the church window and flowers and sunrise …
    Thank you church for being there for us in our time of need.

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